Inertia Florence Louisy

Inertia is a collection of objects exploring the use of heat through out our interior. By looking at ancient uses of stone, Florence Louisy in collaboration with Marbrek, a stone company based in France, focused on the embodiment and personalization of heat. In a unique Belgium ground exists a mineral, intense black and noble material. The quarry of Mazy detains the purest black marble on earth. The fascinating perfection of the stone created a global trade influenced by its aesthetic quality.

The color speaks for itself, full of carbon this marble detains great thermal inertia strength.

Inertia explores the stone from its inside as a guiding thread while researching about our past relation with the object. In a time where the composition of material will naturally define its functionality.

One mural piece meets three mobiles objects, all with the aim to absorb the heat from a warm source of our living space in order to spread intensely through the interiors. The objects, a bed-warmer, a dish-warmer and a sitting plate, work in direct contact with heat.

Florence Louisy product
Florence Louisy Product Design

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