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 Man & Well Being

Inertia is a collection of objects exploring the use of heat through out our interior. By looking at ancient uses of stone, Florence Louisy in collaboration with Marbrek, a stone company based in France, focused on the embodiment and personalization of heat. In a unique Belgium ground exists a mineral, intense black and noble material. The quarry of Mazy detains the purest black marble on earth. The fascinating perfection of the stone created a global trade influenced by its aesthetic quality.

The color speaks for itself, full of carbon this marble detains great thermal inertia strength.

Inertia explores the stone from its inside as a guiding thread while researching about our past relation with the object. In a time where the composition of material will naturally define its functionality.

One mural piece meets three mobiles objects, all with the aim to absorb the heat from a warm source of our living space in order to spread intensely through the interiors. The objects, a bed-warmer, a dish-warmer and a sitting plate, work in direct contact with heat. The mural piece aims differently by diffusing the warmth coming from a heater or fireplace wider and longer.

Inertia offers a new perspective on stone application, while reinterpreting ancestral habits around the principal source of warmth in our home.

Shoggi Florence Louisy
Inertia Florence Louisy
Dishwarmer Florence Louisy
Bedwarmer Florence Louisy

in collaboration with

 Merbes Sprimont



Florence Louisy
Florence Louisy
Florence Louisy
Florence Louisy
Florence Louisy
Florence Louisy
Florence Louisy